We Mourn with Paris

Submitted by learyn on Mon, 11/16/2015 - 13:33

The violence that killed 128 or more people, injured many more and instilled fear in Paris this past Friday is deeply painful. We mourn the losses that have been suffered. Such acts cannot be justified or rationalized. They are simply immoral and have no legitimacy.In just two weeks, thousands of delegates will convene in Paris for the 21st Conference of the Parties (COP21) to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change. Our small delegation of Dickinson College students, recent graduates and I will be among them. The loss of life and its impacts on the city that will be our host will weigh on all of us while we attend the conference.My hope is that this will create greater resolve among all the delegates find common ground, to overcome differences and forge a climate agreement that addresses the many injustices that are embedded in human caused climate change. Reaching a strong, equitable agreement in Paris that lays the groundwork for a climate neutral and sustainable future would pay fitting tribute to and honor the city that is hosting us during this difficult time.Our thoughts and prayers are with the people of Paris, and all France.